Frequently asked questions

Can I open a trade account for my local crafting group?

Unfortunately at the moment this is not possible we only do business to business trade through this site.

Do I need to have a shop to sell your products?

A bricks and mortour shop is prefered or a well established website however we will consider each application on an individual basis. We do not allow sales at craft shows, on Ebay or social media platforms.

Am I able to buy individual colours apposed to complete sets?

No not at all if you require a specific quantity of a specific colour or product and you are not able to order it through the trade site, drop us an email and we can upload the item for you to enable you to complete your purchase.

Do you offer trade out of the UK?

Our trade sit is set up for UK customers only however if you live outsid eof the UK please get in touch and we will be able to look in to the shipping costs for you.

How much is delivery?

Delivery is £9.99 on orders (minimum order £120) If your order is over £150 you will get FREE delivery.

What are your lead times?

We aim to have all trade orders shipped out within 5 working days. Within one working day of recieving your order we will contact you to advise a rough estimate of when you can expect it.

Can I use images from the trade website?

You can use the images from our website on your ecommerce sites to do this right clock the image and select save.

Do you offer invoicing terms?

Unfortionately we do not currently offer 30 or 60 day terms, all orders need to be paid for before orders are shipped.

Are prices shown including VAT?

We are not yet a VAT registered company so all prices stated are the actual prices.