The Flick Stick has been designed to allow the user to create splats of ink on their project, splatting has become very popular recently and we have been trying to create our own white ink for some time so we thought what better way to use it when it was finally developed.
The pen comes empty to fill up using the refill, 
	place the tip of the refill bottle into the open end of the pen and fill up to edge of the sticker (3ml), 
	now push the brush tip into the hole
	turn the end of the pen (clicking is normal)
	When ink starts filling the brush it is ready to use.
To use
	Shake the pen
      remove the lid
	twist the pen until ink fills the bristles
	tap the pen against something like a paint brush so that the ink flicks off pen brush onto your project.
To refill 
	make sure the pen is empty
	Pull the bottom of the pen so it separates from the main body of the pen
	make sure there is nothing still in the tube such as the mini plunger
	twist the bit you have just removed so that the plunger retracts back as much as it will go
Shake the refil bottle to mix the ink.
	fill the pen to the label edge from the bottom end you have just removed 
	Push the pen back together until it clicks back into place
	Then you need to prime the ink back through by twisting the end.

Flick Stick choice of colours

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